Copy-Editing for Fiction

Price from 0.012/word (£12/1000 words)

What is fiction Copy-Editing?

Copy-editing, also sometimes called ‘line-editing’, comes in after you’re completely happy with your story and its structure.

This service focuses on making your writing as readable and error free as possible, dealing with issues of clarity, consistency, grammar, flow, punctuation and style, among others.

The aim is absolutely NOT to alter your narrative voice or authorial style but rather to enhance it. The copy-editing process ensures readers aren’t jarred out of your story by inconsistencies, awkward phrasing or grammatical problems.


What copy-editing is not

Copy-editing is not a final quality-check of a publication-ready manuscript. For this service, please visit my proofreading page.

In addition, copy-editing is no substitute for developmental editing. This comes in at an earlier stage when you are still getting your story into shape. 

A developmental editor will give you feedback on all aspects of your novel, including story structure, pacing, plot, setting, characterisation, dialogue, worldbuilding and overall writing quality.

Instead of hiring a developmental editor, writers may get this kind of feedback from critique partners, beta readers or writer’s groups.


MY copy-editing EXPERTISE

I’ve been an editor since 2015 and a writer all my life. In addition, I taught English as a Foreign Language for 15+ years, developing a strong understanding of grammar and syntax as a result. My PhD Studies on the historical novel taught me high-level analytical skills and how to write clearly, logically and unambiguously.

WHAT you get

  1. A full, word-by-word copy-edit of your story to ensure the writing flows well and is clear and error free. Various types of inconsistencies will also be flagged and fixed.
  2. A stylesheet on which I’ve noted my editorial decisions.


Issues i’ll ADdress

  • Chapter sequencing
  • Clichés, awkward metaphors and similes
  • Dialogue: style, tags and punctuation
  • Formatting using Microsoft Word’s styles palette: indentation, paragraph style, section breaks
  • Grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, hyphenation and capitalisation
  • Narrative flow and pace, with attention to repetition, redundancy and overwriting.
  • Sentence-level narration
  • Character consistency: appearance, traits, and voice
  • Tense usage
  • Showing versus telling
  • Layout of text
  • Letter, word, line and paragraph spacing​
  • Point of view


Style Sheet

On the style sheet, I’ll record all decisions made in relation to hyphenation, numbering, capitalisation, spelling, punctuation and idiom usage.

“Copy-editing ensures your writing is smooth, clear and free of errors and inconsistencies.”