Who I work with

I work with traditional publishers, self-published authors and writers who want their writing polished before submission to an agent or publisher.

My main genres are fantasy, science fiction, romance, and historical fiction.


Because these are the genres I know best. I write epic fantasy and romance novels, and my PhD focused on the study of the historical novel, more specifically, novels written in the present day about the Spanish Civil War. I also have a degree in History. 

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Price and Time estimate

The prices displayed next to each service on the right are minimum starting rates. To give you an accurate price and time estimate, I’ll need to see a representative sample of your work (approx. 1000 words) and your timeframe for delivery.


Sample Edit

It’s also important also for you to decide whether I’m the right editor for your work! To help you do this, I provide a sample edit based on the service that you’ve requested.

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From £0.012/word

In-depth check to ensure texts are accurate, clear, fit for purpose and free of error, omission, inconsistency and repetition.

Among other things, checks characters haven’t suddenly changed names or appearance and that timelines and point of view are consistent. 

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From £0.008/word

Final quality-check service for publication-ready texts. Covers grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting, inconsistencies, and typos, among other issues.

The proofreading service is usually conducted on the printed proofs or final digital format.

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